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Technical Overview

Technical requirements for The Cinemagicians-
A full tech & contract rider and run sheets will be provided after a booking is secured. By way of basic information, in order to host the show the venue must provide the following:

Adequate House Sound for the band:
3 Headset or lapel wireless mics

4 sets of stereo outputs from instruments to DI to board
A piano; grand or baby grand is much preferred but a digital piano can be substituted if necessary.
Controllable stage lighting to three areas of the stage from the depth of the screen to the apron and house.

IMAGE MAG-LED wall is preferred but front or rear projection is acceptable for the movie clips. Clips are supplied via a portable hardrive.
House must control the showing of the clips on cue using a suitable video control software; ie..showcue, etc.
A sound, light and video operations tech must be provided for setting up, and running the show.


Cosmic Music Solo Piano Show:
An acoustic grand or baby grand piano
Proper mic and amplification for the piano
2 Mics on boom stands
Controllable pre-set stage lighting
Image Mag-same as The Cinemagicans guidelines

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