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The Wizard In My Head Project

Ladies and gentlemen:
We present our three tiered special project along with an invitation
for YOU to join us on a very magical journey.


Project Name

We have created a book, an enhanced audio book and a soon to be released
short film that tells the true story of how magicians used cinema to preserve a world of hope and imagination for all time.

These creative masters of magic carefully placed a wizard in your head!
Find out how...
and why!

The short film "There's a Wizard in My Head" is a fanciful telling of the story of magicians in cinema.

It features Kenton Knepper as Georges Melies', Charles Schneider as host of a 1950's educational film, Trent Rentsch as Dr. Albert Ross, and Karen Underwood as Mysterious Muse.

The film has a musical score by The Sonic Cinema Experience, was written and directed by Ed Underwood, the associate producer is Ralph Forbis, with special cinematography from Darin Coelho Spring!

The film will be completed by the end of the year, in time for select film festivals and screenings in 2023. We are asking you to help us fund completion of the project. In exchange you will receive an exclusive, limited pre-release version of our amazing, full color, 11x17 inch movie poster.

The artwork was created by Charles Schneider. The closer you look- the more you will see.  Sale of this artwork will be limited to those who participate in our funding.

We believe the role of magicians in early cinema is a "deleted scene" in history. Our show, our book and our film seeks to put those magicians back where they belong in film appreciation.


The Poster.jpg
lumiere poster.jpg

The Wizard in your Head book

This 74 page, photo filled book tells the true history of the evolution of moving pictures and the role magicians played in them.

You will see how an unlikely combination of scientists, photographers, dreamers, and other magic minded people contributed to the creation of the ultimate illusion: MOVING PICTURES

You will gasp at the outrageous exploits of a man who conjured up visions of ghosts, angels and demons. You will scratch your head at the life story of the man who first captured movement on film. You will rejoice at the ultimate triumph of the magician who became known as the "father of special effects"

All this along with many photos, poster and artwork reproductions, and how the Sonic Cinema Experience is keeping this history alive through their live show "The Magic in the Movies".

It's a fun filled, eye opening, easy read that will remind you of the powerful contribution magicians have made to our daily lives and thinking.

This first edition of the book is available ONLY to those who come alongside our funding efforts.

AND just for our supporters we have created an exclusive enhanced audio book version narrated and scored by Karen Underwood. A magical, musical bonus just for you.


Brighter Sonic Film Foto.jpg

So How Do I Help?
Oh, and What's in it for ME?

 We thought you'd never ask!
We've created three levels of participation with greater and greater levels of rewards, perks and bonuses.


1. Get the collectible movie poster:
The poster is beautifully printed on 80 pound glossy paper in vivid full color, and suitable for framing. They are each numbered, and sent to you in a sturdy mailing tube. Support all of our projects and get the artwork-

$39.97 (FREE shipping!)


2. Get the limited edition book:
The 74 page paperback filled with the true story of how magicians used cinema to preserve a world of hope and imagination for all time. Includes dozens of quotes, photos and illustrations including reproductions of vintage magic lantern slides!-

$49.97 (FREE Shipping)

3. VIP Package Offer:
Get the book, the enhanced audio book download, the poster signed by Sonic Cinema Experience (Kenton,Karen and Ed), a ticket to an exclusive online screening including behind the scenes info, bonus clips, a Q&A with the entire cast and magic performances too. As a VIP supporter you will also receive onscreen credit at the end of the film and on our SCE website.

$149.97 (FREE Shipping)

*****and remember****
While we know that you will enjoy the materials we have created to go along with this fundraiser, they are merely our tangible thank you for the love you show by supporting our mission.
Let's blow the dust off our tired souls and spread some magic, hope and imagination!

(If you are doing the VIP Package, be sure to state how you wish your poster signed!)


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